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Stoneybrook Flood Assessment 

Stoneybrook and Flood Insurance: A Case Study

When Stoneybrook was first developed, lakes were dug to accomplish several things:
  • Comply with the county drainage requirements.

  • Raise the property just high enough (using fill) to be included in a Preferred Flood Zone so lenders don't require a flood policy.

  • Without the fill, Stoneybrook would be in a Special Flood Zone area requiring flood insurance. 

How does this affect the Stoneybrook residents?
  • The NFIP is now changing the mapping for many areas in Florida including the west coast.
  • Areas that previously qualified for a Preferred Flood Zone rating will in many cases be reclassified to Special Flood Zone. These areas, for bank purposes, will require flood insurance. 
  • At the present time, Stoneybrook at Venice is not in a special flood hazard area, which means flood insurance rates are relatively low and it's a good time to buy a policy.
What did we learn from Katrina?
  • Storms don't care about flood zone labels!

  • Many homeowners were shocked after their loss to realize their flood loss wasn't covered.  They didn't think they needed it since they weren't required or told to carry flood insurance.

Estimated Flood Insurance Quote for Stoneybrook: $430

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Fact: 25% of all claims in the United States that were paid by the National  Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) historically are for policies that were insured in low-risk areas or  Preferred Flood Zones...just like yours!

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