File a Claim

File a Claim 

Let's get you back to good.

(941) 966-5900 

1. If it's possible and safe to do so, stop the damage from occuring further.


2. Call your insurance provider (phone numbers listed below)


3. A representative from your insurance carrier will assist you in beginning to repair the damage. They will also assist you with a safe place to stay and living expenses if necessary and included in your policy.


4. Ruggeri Insurance Agency is here for you. Should you have any questions, we are happy to assist you in filing a claim or answering any questions you have about the claims process.


I have a claim, what do I do?


Company Claims Phone Numbers:

Property & Casualty Claims:


American Traditions & Modern USA- (866) 270-8430

Cabrillo Coastal- (866)482-5246

Citizens Insurance- (800) 411-2742

Flood Insurance, by Tower Hill (877) 254-6819

Florida Specialty- (866) 554-5896

Foremost- (800)527-3907

National Fire & Marine- (866)482-5246

Safe Harbor- (866)482-5246

St. Johns Ins- (877) 748-2059

Tower Hill Insurance Group- (800) 342-3407

United Property & Casualty- (800) 861-4370

Universal Property & Casualty- (800) 218-3206

US Coastal- (866)482-5246


Auto Claims:

Progressive- (800) 861-4370

Bristol West/Foremost- (800)274-7265

Tower Hill Educational Video

"What do I do when I have a claim?"

7:34 minutes

Please call us if you have any questions about your claim. (941) 966-5900

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