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Homeowners Insurance

Manufactured Home /
Mobile Home Insurance

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We insure ANY AGE Manufactured Home

Switch now and we’ll handle the paperwork! You may qualify for a refund on your existing policy.

Our Policies includes coverage for:

  • Windstorms/Hurricane

  • Personal possessions

  • Personal Liability of $300,000

  • Carports, Shed, Lanai, And Other Attachments (No value limitations!)

  • Replacement Cost Payout: This policy will not deduct depreciation from claims. (Ex. New kitchen cabinets are $10,000, so you get $10,000, even though they are, let’s say 10 years old, they do not deduct 10 years’ worth of depreciation from your claim check.)

  • Attached Structures: This recoverable amount for carports, lanais/added living space, sheds, etc. is not limited except by the total Dwelling Coverage amount. (Ex. Other companies, limit Carports to $6,000, Sheds to $1,000, but new they cost about $15,000.)


Get more coverage than Citizens Insurance and other carriers. Call us today to see if you qualify (941) 966-5900.


*It is important to know that Flood Insurance is not typically included in a homeowners policy. This relatively inexpensive coverage protects you in the event of rising waters. As we learned with hurricane Katrina, flooding can be one of the most common losses during a hurricane. Click here to learn more about Flood Insurance.

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